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Wheel Balancing

The reason why we balance wheels?

If your wheels and tyres are not correctly balanced the consequence may result in unpleasant driving and higher vehicle running costs. Your steering wheel may start to ‘wobble’ at certain speeds and, when the vehicle speed increases, so may the vibrations, resulting in your steering wheel ‘wobbling’ even more strongly.

An imbalance within the wheel and tyre set up could also lead to early wear of suspension and steering components, rotating parts, including your tyres. Therefore, it is extremely important for cost-effective smooth driving, that both the front and back tyres and wheels are kept in harmony.

Wheel balancing equipment will discover the point of imbalance. We will then fix a counter weight to the wheel as a way to smooth out the vibrations that happen when joining a wheel and tyre unit together. As a consequence of wheel balancing, you ought to detect a more stable drive and much better wear from your car tyres, saving you both time and money.

Hendon Tyres Top Tip!

Manufacturers advise that the wheel and tyre assembly is well-balanced before fitting to the automobile. Always ask for wheel balancing whenever getting a tyre fixed and keep your spare tyre balanced as well, you just don’t know when you’ll need it.